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North Texas Sinusitis Center: ENT Specialist Serving Dallas with Quality Ear Nose and Throat Care

Get relief from painful sinus headaches and nasal congestion caused by your sinus infection.

When our neighbors here in North Texas are faced with complications of the Ear Nose and Throat including sinusitis, sinus infections, nasal congestion, post nasal drip, and sinus headaches, they trust North Texas Sinusitis Center to bring them relief

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End Your Sinusitis Suffering, Improve Your Health with North Texas Sinusitis Center

Sinusitis affects more than 1 in 10 Americans. As one of the estimated 30.8 million Americans suffering from sinusitis or chronic inflammation (1), you’re subject to the many symptoms and consequences. Chronic sinusitis can be brought on by an infection, by growths in the sinuses (nasal polyps) or by a deviated nasal septum.

Chronic sinusitis is a medical condition that can complicate your life and introduce risks to your long-term health. Patients come to North Texas Sinusitis Center from Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Plano, Wichita Falls, and beyond. They are seeking an Ear, Nose and Throat doctor (ENT) who will treat their sinusitis so they can stop fighting symptoms and experience long-term relief. If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, you have a plumbing problem in your nose that medication is not going to cure. You probably do not want major sinus surgery either. We understand. There is hope – Balloon Sinuplasty an office procedure that permanently enlarges sinus openings, WITHOUT removing bone or tissue, and is one of several chronic sinusitis treatment options.

Which sinus infection symptoms are you suffering from:

  • Frequent sinus infections lasting more than a few weeks each time
  • Nasal congestion - difficulty breathing through your nose
  • Sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring
  • Sinus headache
  • Reduced sense of smell or taste
  • Post nasal drip
  • Ear pain
  • Cough that gets worse at night
  • Hoarse throat and/or soreness
  • Halitosis (bad breath)

Solutions for Your Chronic Sinusitis and Nasal Congestion

Before coming to us, many patients have tried many medications, sinus infection remedies, immunotherapy, and more. They have found that these options can ease symptoms temporarily, reducing the impact a single sinus infection, but they do little to reduce the likelihood of the next one, and the one after that.

Efficient ENT Care for Dallas Sinus Sufferers

Your North Texas Sinusitis Center
Patient Experience

Because every case of sinusitis is different, North Texas Sinusitis Center takes a unique and comprehensive approach to ease your sinus pain, restore sinus drainage, and eliminate your sinus headaches.

Our process, which begins and ends around you and your needs, consists of four steps:

Before we can properly treat your sinusitis...

...we need to understand the current state of your body. A detailed exam is the first step that allows us to understand the severity of your sinusitis symptoms and your expectations of treatment.

During your initial visit, we may also use our office CT scanner and sinus endoscopy to exam your sinuses to make a proper diagnosis.

Treating patients with Chronic Sinusitis and other Ear Nose and Throat Problems

As a patient of North Texas Sinusitis Center, you will be treated with care as we will consider all aspects of your health and condition before selecting the treatment that best eliminates the negative effects of your sinusitis. We will also develop a plan that aligns with your health goals.

When medications and sinus infection remedies fail to meet your long-term expectations, we recommend sinusitis treatment plans that may include office procedures or surgeries performed in an operating room.

Sinus treatment plans are ineffective without tracking the results. Follow up office visits is not our way of making more money, it is essential to know if the treatment plan is meeting your expectations or if we need to revise the treatment plan.

Sinus sufferers come to North Texas Sinusitis Center from Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, Plano, Wichita Falls, and beyond.

Have you had enough? Want permanent sinus relief?

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  1. 30 million American adults, 12.5%, diagnosed with sinusitis (Centers for Disease Control)
  2. Chronic Sinusitis (Mayo Clinic)